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Special Laser Systems


Please contact us if you have a special laser requirement, which seems not to be met by our standard products.

Like most manufacturers, we try to design our products and set the specifications to meet the needs of the majority of potential users. We recognise that this can exclude some possible areas of laser performance or customer areas of interest. If you think this is the case, we would very much like to hear from you regarding your specific needs.

AOT has experience in many areas of laser design and it is likely that we can determine quickly if your special needs might be met by a viable system based on our technology. Our assessment would include economic as well as technical viability.

Custom Systems

Examples of recent special systems built by AOT include:-


Our unique technology allows the option of a wide range of performances within the operating regime of solid-state lasers. We look forward to helping determine if this capability can bring success to your application, either via a product in our standard range or via a custom system.