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ACE lasers from Advanced Optical Technology are compact and unique efficient high repetition rate short pulse sources operating in the UV, visible and near infra-red. They are intended for a wide range of applications from very high precision industrial processing to scientific and R&D studies. The proprietary high speed switching technology allows the generation of laser pulses of only a few nanoseconds to 500ps (!) duration. The pulses are synchronisable to external events (for applications that require it) down to ~ 200ps. The products are diode pumped and based on the laser materials Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 and Nd:GdVO4. The output pulses are of good TEMoo beam quality.

ACE lasers provide pulses an order of magnitude (or more) shorter than from competitive technology. Shorter, more intense pulses can provide the user many advantages. For example, in precision processing and marking, the short interaction time reduces workpiece heating effects and improves quality. In applications like ranging, and in ' excite and probe' studies, short pulses increase temporal resolution. In non-linear harmonic and parametric processes, the high intensity of the short pulses leads to high conversion efficiency

The current ACE product range comprises oscillator and oscillator/amplifier (MOPA) units. They operate from 0-100kHz pulse rate, to > 100uJ pulse energy and > 100kW peak power. For more information on the performance of our laser systems please read Technical Note 8. Models are available in both OEM and laboratory/bench style format, depending on the users needs. The pictures above show; (i) the laser in the bench format and (ii) a typical spatial profile of the 1064nm beam propagating from the laser at 6.25kHz.

For information on our lasers please view our product range and the specifications.