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ACE Laser Harmonic Options

All ACE laser models are available with harmonic performance at 532nm (Frequency-Doubled), 355nm (Frequency-Tripled) and 266nm (Frequency-Quadrupled) as an option via the use of 'drop-in' modules within the laser head.

Each of the three modules contains appropriate non-linear crystal(s) held in precision angular adjustment mount(s), a waveplate for optimised performance (where required), and a pair of Brewster surface fused silica prisms of proprietary design. The prisms angularly separate the chosen harmonic wavelength from the other wavelengths, the powers of which are blocked by a re-entrant cone centred on the exit beamline. In this way, only the chosen wavelength is emitted and power at the unwanted wavelength(s) does not leave the laser head.

Each of the three alternate harmonic modules has very low insertion loss and allows the output beam at the design harmonic wavelength to exit the laser head on the same beam path as the replaced fundamental 1064nm beam.

Performance at the harmonic wavelengths for each model depends on repetition rate. However, with the 1064nm ACE laser pulses being short and intense, conversion efficiency to the harmonic wavelengths is always high. Typically, it is in the range 40-55% to 532nm, 25-33% to 335nm, and 15-25% to 266nm. Technical Note (6) ACE Laser Harmonic Performance presents a summary across the product range. Please contact us directly for performance specs for each model.